Travel PR is sometimes considered soft and fluffy. However, there is nothing squishy about the corporate communications team at Only Travel.

We take a holistic approach to all our travel marketing and public relation communications, making sure your branding is on-point at every stage and your message is consistent.

We can help you build your travel brand so that it impresses investors, shareholders, business journalists, corporate partners and, of course, your employees.

Our expert knowledge of the travel, tourism and transport sectors mean we know the most relevant national media and trade publications to target to insure your brand is getting the coverage you need.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With local communities around the world having a stronger voice, corporate social responsibility should be a part of almost every travel PR company strategy. We can help you develop CSR campaigns for home and abroad.

Travel Financial PR & Investor Relations

Many of our travel clients are listed companies and, as you would expect, we can assist with financial PR and investor relations. 

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