By Daniela Young

It is an unfortunate side effect of modern life that the school holidays leave working parents worrying about childcare. But where, might you ask, is a travel marketing agency in this dilemma?

I’ll tell you: our digital marketing helps mums and dads solve this summer holiday problem by subtly sliding Barracudas summer camps on to their smart phones and tablets before they even know they’re looking for them.

Barracudas runs school holiday camps for kids at 42 locations in the south-east of England, each packed full of fun and games that keep four to 14-year-olds active, motivated and safe.

Now, a travel marketing agency might not seem like an obvious fit for this kind of brand but consider what those camps are …

For the parents, they provide childcare. But for the campers, they’re one of the highlights of their summer, like a kids’ club at a Mediterranean destination except they get to go home for tea.

Social media marketing

Barracudas is one of our digital marketing clients. We run and monitor its website, advise on pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and tailor its social media marketing to hit the market they’re looking for.

Google “school holiday camps” and Barracudas is up there at the top of the results page.

But one of the ways parents come across the camps online is unexpected. We show them in through a side door when they are looking for things to do with their children.

It’s one of those content marketing strategies that helps establish trust with would-be clients and delivers added value on a website that could be seen as purely commercial otherwise.

Quite simply, Barracudas blogs regularly about issues parents have, particularly in the field of activities they can encourage their children to take part in or join in with themselves.

Sporty brand

Being quite a sporty brand, there’s an emphasis in these blogs that stresses the importance of getting outside and getting active. That’s something kids at camp do every day.

But the blogs also tackle more cerebral pursuits, from outdoor science experiments to arty activities to things to do for Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day.

The blogs also dish out advice on getting your child ready to head off to a Barracudas day camp and clue up parents about what their little ones will do and gain from that experience.

It’s a great example of how content marketing works. First, you define your audience. Then you find out what they want and where to find them. From there, you can tailor your content strategy to get the message out about your product or service.

Put simply, Barracudas was looking for parents who were trying to find things to do with their kids away from school. We found them Googling for children’s activities. And we served them with content that caught their eye and introduced them to the Barracudas brand.

Potential new clients

When they’re next looking for something to do with the kids, they know Barracudas can help them out. Bringing potential new clients in through a side door puts a business’s product inside their head.

Perhaps they hadn’t realised there were summer camps their kids could go to – but they know now and might consider it the next time the holidays come around.

Content marketing – effectively handled – moves people from knowing the brand, to liking the brand, to trusting the brand, to buying the brand.

And parents looking for childcare will only go to a provider they can trust. That’s what content marketing is there to exploit.

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