Thinking of launching a new route, building a hotel, or expanding your fleet of ships, planes, trains or coaches?

Our market research and travel insights team can help you take the right decisions whether you're considering major investments at home or overseas.

We’ll not just tell you if the data indicates your plans are going to work or not, we'll also provide you with valuable consumer insights that will allow you to fine tune your plans to achieve optimum commercial payback.

We are famed for our intimate knowledge of local markets around the world, so we tend to operate outside of the travel industry box. We analyse the political, environmental and economic situation in countries for which you may have expansion plans.

We’ll also get out our crystal ball to predict how political and economic changes may impact your expansion plans in the future.

Growth is expensive. Expansion is risky. New ventures can be troublesome.

We reduce the risks, help you take better commercial decisions, and give you peace of mind. 

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