Travel content marketing is much more subtle than travel advertising. It relies on clients and customers funding you.

Content marketing is an essential piece of the modern travel marketing jigsaw, as brands have found it can produce impressive commercial returns.

The two most important questions when it comes to content marketing for travel brands is:

  1. Who will produce the content?
  2. Where should the travel content be placed?

Answering the second question first, the travel marketing content should be placed where your customers are found, whether that’s on your own site or on social sites such as Instagram or Tumblr.

Creating the content is, unfortunately, not that simple and most travel brands are not geared up to create compelling content.

Fortunately, Only Travel is ideally placed to create content which reflects the personality of your brand and appeal to your customers.

It may be feature articles, films, photographs, competitions, travel guides, newsletters, social media pages, digital apps, online games – you name it we can produce it.

Our aim is to drive customers to discover more about your brand, tell their friends and make bookings.

The final step in the process is monitoring and measuring. We can monitor everything from brand visibility to visits to your website. But the most important measurement is to track the bookings the travel content marketing campaign produces.

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