We are the UK’s leading travel public relations agency.

We provide travel public relations services to many of the UK’s most successful travel brands as well as travel, tourism, transport, and leisure companies in the US and around the globe.

With headquarters in London, we have PR teams in eight offices across the UK plus offices and representatives in nearly 50 countries around the world, including New York.

Our extensive menu of PR services includes:

Travel Advertorials

As PR travel specialists, we don’t like paying for travel advertorials. We’d much rather generate the coverage by placing articles, news stories and blogs that get published on merit – because people want to read them.

That said, some of our clients like travel advertorials because they can be peppered with keywords which assist search engine optimisation. Needless to say, our team of travel journalists are happy to oblige.

Travel B2B

So much of PR is outward facing… catching the eye of consumers.

At Only, we don’t consider PR aimed at the travel sector to be the poor relation. We believe in 360 degree PR and, for us, building an admired brand within the travel sector is sometimes as important as building a travel brand’s fame with consumers.

Travel B2C

When it comes to reaching consumers with travel PR, there are few agencies as effective as Only Travel. We thrive in the business to consumer environment and over the years have helped hundreds of travel brands multiply sales, bookings and profits.

Travel International Public Relations

As a travel PR agency, we are as comfortable working in the US as in the UK, China or Canada. At Only we span the globe, driving PR and marketing campaigns in virtually any language. 

Travel PR Stunts

Do PR stunts still work? Of course they do. They help to add personality to mundane travel brands and they can generate media coverage that’s worth its weight in gold. Check out our case studies pages to see some of the stunts created by our team.

Travel Thought Leadership

Smart travel brands are admired because they think and act differently. They don’t run with the pack and they benefit from original thinking. The PR team at Only helps trend-setting travel brands demonstrate thought leadership in action.

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