Celebrities add a lot more than glamour to travel and tourist brands. They help drive sales, bookings and reservations.

Cruise lines and hotel casinos were among the first to realise the commercial power of flying in stars of stage, screen and television for guest appearances, lectures and long-running stage shows.

Countries have hired film stars and even former presidents to star in tourism adverts or feature in voiceovers.

Today celebrities endorse airlines, hotel chains, train operators, theme parks and even coach companies.

Selecting the right public face is not easy. Fame and following account for only part of the package. It's essential the celebrity must portray values that match that of the brand.

The travel marketing team at Only Travel have an intimate knowledge of the celebrity scene and we are highly skilled at matching well-known names with travel brands.

Our address book is brimming with star contacts and, because we are constantly working with celebrities and their agents, you can rely on us to negotiate the best financial deals and branding rights.

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