When a serious crisis hits an airline, airport, cruise line, travel or tourism brand, you can be sure it will dominate newspaper headlines, news sites, TV and radio bulletins, and make an ear-splitting noise on social media.

Travel brands not only need to have a robust crisis management plan in place, they also require a team of trained crisis PR professionals who can manage all aspects of communications surrounding the crisis.

The crisis PR team at Only Travel is on standby 24/7. We manage communications for everything from a plane crash to a food poisoning outbreak.

Managing a serious travel crisis is a complicated business, not least because there are likely to be multiple parties involved. That’s why meticulous planning must be at the core.

We work with travel brands to develop rigorous crisis PR plans covering the most likely - as well as less likely - crisis scenarios. Only by planning for the worst can we anticipate the best.

We can help you plan for everything from manning a crisis PR press office to preparing holding statements to producing guidelines for social media crisis communications.

Crisis planning is an on-going process, and crisis communications plans have to be constantly updated so that the strategy, data and information is bang up to date.

If crisis training is required, we can assist there as well, getting your team up to speed.

Issues Management

We are not only here to help manage major incidents, we can also assist with issues management; stranded passengers, media harassment, redundancies, strikes and industrial action, shareholder revolts, corporate crime… the list is endless.

We stop most crisis situations reaching the public domain.

We lessen the impact – with us, the worst never happens.

We are on your side and at your side 24/7.

We give our best advice, even when it’s not what you want to hear.

Crisis communications and issues management are worlds apart from normal travel PR. You may have a travel PR agency on board, but do they have experience of managing the communications surrounding a major incident?

The crisis communications team at Only Travel has been involved in every crisis situation imaginable. In fact, we have an entire website devoted to crisis communications.

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